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Program Policy for BlazeYourCertification

These program terms are incorporated by reference for your participation in any program by #BlazeYourCertification and are an agreement between you and the #BlazeYourCertification team to agree on joining our series.

These program terms can also be changed as per the time and #BlazeYourCertification has all the rights to modify it.


Registration Requirement:

To attend the series you must be pre-registered with us to show your interest. And at the time of registration, you must be agreed with all the program policies. Registration into the program doesn’t guarantee your attendance confirmation into series.


Program frequency:

As of now, the series runs an hourly session for 5 days once every month, which covers all the topics of the exam guide. 


Prerequisite to join: 

We do not provide any hands-on training, during the series. We just help you to revise all the topics so you can easily go through each and every section to prepare for Salesforce Admin Certification. You must know the basics of the salesforce admin part before joining us. Any hands-on help or guidance can be entertained 1:1 on request over our official email


Practice Question:

We WILL NOT  provide any practice questions for the exam, but we recommend taking a web assessor practice test before your actual exam.


Certification Voucher Giveaway:

At the time of registration, we do not make any announcement to give away the voucher, but meantime if we get someone who is ready to give away the voucher, we provide him/her with some names and take his approval and give away the voucher.


Swags giveaway:

#BlazeYourCertification has its own customized swags. We will give away 3 swags per season limited to 1 person.

#1. CertifiedPro: First certified pro form the series getting Admin certified, shouting over twitter with #tag, and fill out the form over the website.

#2. BAM: Member of the series, spreading awesomeness around the world through the social platform( remember #tag is mandatory). Also, any trailblazer can participate here who has been part in earlier series as well.

#3. Champ of series: On day 5 of the series we organize a quiz and the winner from there wins a swag.

Created By: Arpit Vijayvergia
Edited By: Esha Garg
Date: August 10, 2020

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